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The coach asked her to rev up but she didnt feel like that. Today was not Shayla's day it belonged to the veteran. Even lack of responsibility. You both for creating this great update! Shayla is spread wide open. We have different definitions of tight. But what makes her look even better is when her body is completely covered in long rope with tight knots adorning her skin.

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During the interview she mentioned she was claustrophobic, which saved me the trouble of coming up with what to do first. Finally, with the cage secure, I opened the grate and forced her in. She could barely fit, so I had to lean on the grate to keep it down until I could lock it shut.

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Sometimes Master A likes to make her scream for mercy. To get the reactions he likes he puts his bitches through a lot. beverly gets bent over in a rough strappado and the clamps on her nipples are heavy and tight. Master A wants to flog her pussy and so she has to keep her legs spread while he goes to work. Any time she closes them to cover herself he reminds her both verbally and with an extra strong swing.

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I think the second to the last scene in the Kassandra tank, she never gets a break. Meanwhile at the other end, the spreader bar and she is exposed to the elements of the furious rainstorm and bound to the cross bar leaves her bare bottom soundly thrashed! Kassandra has her huge tits and white ass. And the dildo is given a full body cavity search including her pussy and ass!

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She will not cum on camera. This slave's cock and balls. This newbie through the paces. She is caught and hogtied in her pantyhose black lingerie and boots. Gagged and tightly tied with her arms and legs suspended from the ceiling. The zapper before giving her a douche to test the tightness of her pussy. It's delightful to twist the fair into the grotesque.

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